Split Rail Fence in Kingwood, TX

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Split-Rail Fencing

For a classic rustic look, consider a cedar split-rail fence. Split-Rail can be built as a two rail fence or a three rail fence. Western Red Cedar Split-Rail fence is a proven wood to use; it is weather-resistant and weathers to a distinct silver-gray color if left uncoated. In addition, cedar naturally resists insect infestation.

Cedar Split-Rail Fence Advantages:

Cedar split-rail fence cost is a more price conscious style of a fence for defining boundaries, giving a rustic border to your property, and fencing in livestock and horses. Split-Rail fencing can also be a very budget friendly option in contrast to pipe fencing, or vinyl fencing.

Gates for Split-Rail Fencing:

Smaller pedestrian size gates are made entirely of wood; they are available in widths 3', 4', x and 5' wide. A cross brace is installed to help prevent sag. Typically these gates hang on red cedar posts with standard wood gate hardware.

For larger gates a metal frame should be used to help support and strengthen the gate.

Home owner or business owners are responsible for aquiring all necessary building permits, easement rights, and clearing fence lines of weed, trees, vines, and other organic growth.

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