Wrought Iron Fences in Kingwood, TX

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Wrought Iron Fencing

For a high end classical look wrought iron is the standard for providing boundries, security, and adding value to your home.

Security Fencing, Privacy Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is among the more effective security fencing available. It's nearly impossible to tear down and a tall wrought iron fence with sharp cap posts are also nearly impossible to scale. As with many home security issues, a resourceful, determined intruder can still find a way to get into your property, but, most likely, he or she will move on to the next house.

Wrought iron doesn't offer much in the traditional sense of privacy fencing. Often, the fencing is installed at some distance from the house, anyway. This optimizes both your home's security and the ornamental landscaping of the fence itself. Many homeowners elect to install wrought iron fencing in conjunction with masonry or brick pillars.

Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Wrought iron fences are, by nature, custom made. They require a meticulous, complex installation process that should be handled by a specialized fencing contractor. When hiring a contractor, you should ask about their specific experience with wrought iron fencing. Discuss with the contractor what you want from your fence that's led you to wrought iron. This will help the contractor understand how ornamental the designs should be that he or she presents to you and whether or not the fence should be galvanized. Galvanizing your wrought iron fencing will prevent it from rusting, although many homeowners find rust adds to the charm of wrought iron.

More Wrought Iron Projects

Wrought iron is used in home improvement for a lot more than just perimeter fencing. Gated driveways, pool fencing, decorative stair rails, and balusters are all common wrought iron home improvement installations. Many of these projects have the advantage of requiring less wrought iron than perimeter fencing and in more intimate settings. If you're more in love with the idea of wrought iron than perimeter fencing, you should consider one of these alternate home improvement projects.

Home owner or business owners are responsible for aquiring all necessary building permits, easement rights, and clearing fence lines of weed, trees, vines, and other organic growth.

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